Running an R Script on a Schedule: Overview

There are lots of rstats tutorials about creating beautiful plots, setting up shiny applications and even a few on setting up plumber APIs (but we could use more). However a lot of work consists of running a script without any interaction. This is an overview page for the tutorials I’ve created so far. This overview is for you if you want to know how to run your batch script (do one thing without supervision) automatically. [Read More]

Running an R Script on a Schedule: Docker Containers on gitlab

In this tutorial/howto I show you how to run a docker container on a schedule on gitlab. Docker containers are awesome because, once made, they run everywhere! It does not matter what type of computer (Though I believe there is a problem with ARM based vs other CPU’s). you have. Once I build a container you can run my container on a linux box, windows machine or mac. This is also why people love containers for production, you can finally truly pick up a container from development and hand it over to production. [Read More]

Where does the output of Rscript go?

stdin, stdout, stderr

We often run R interactively, through Rstudio or in the terminal. But you can also run Rscripts without manual intervention. Using Rscript. But where does the output go? Warning: This post is very linux/unix (macos) centred, I don’t know how this works in Windows. Also I’m using the standard shell in linux ‘bash’ I believe there are some small nuances in the commands in other shells like zsh. Why do I want to know this? [Read More]