Expressing size in bananas a dive into {vctrs}

Yes I made a stupid package to express lengths in bananas

Recently I’ve become interested in relative sizes of things. Maybe I’m paying more attention to my surroundings since I’m locked at home for so long. Maybe my inner child is finally breaking free. Whatever the reason, I channeled all of that into two packages: everydaysizes A rather unfinished collection of dimensions of everyday objects. banana A package that displays dimensions as … bananas. I’ve collected a bunch of sizes and turned them into ‘units’. [Read More]

New Package, Pinboardr

I’ve created a new package to interact with pinboard not to be confused with pinterest. I noticed there wasn’t a package yet and the API is fairly clear. So come and check it out {pinboardr} at I did see a new package to interact with pocket: pocketapi. Since pocket is also a kind of bookmark manager I thought there was a need for these kinds of packages. I will leave this package on github for a while, to figure out if I need to make changes and in a month or so I will push it to CRAN. [Read More]

Make more useless packages!

For fun! and like learning, but mostly fun, really...

You should make more useless packages. To be more specific: make packages that are useful to you, but might be useless to others. Because building silly stuff is fun and sets the bar low for you to play and learn. I’m a big fan of Simone Giertz (see all the gifs in this post). Simone is known as the ‘Queen of Shitty Robots’ and has a youtube channel where she builds robots that are, uhm, not very good at the thing they’re designed for. [Read More]

Submitting your first package to CRAN, my experience

I recently published my first R package to The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). It was very exciting and also quite easy. Let me walk you through my process. First a description of my brand new package: badgecreatr, then a description of steps to take for submission. Package description When you go around github looking at projects you often see these interesting images in the readme The ones you see above are from ggplot2. [Read More]

Introducing Badgecreatr, a package that places badges in your readme

Introducing Badgecreatr, a package to create and place badges in your readme.Rmd file on Github. Badgecreatr will create the following badges (aka shields): Installation Install the package with install.packages("badgecreatr") How do you use badgecreatr? Badgecreatr has one main function: badgeplacer(). The most simple command is: badgecreatr::badgeplacer( githubaccount = "yourgithubname",githubrepo = "yourpackagename", branch = "master") If your project is in its infancy and you don’t want people to use it yet: [Read More]

Creating a package for your data set

Turning your dataset into a package is very useful for reproducable research. This tutorial is for you, even if you’ve never created a package in r. Why would you turn your dataset into a package? very easy to share easy to load (library(name) is easier then load("path/to/file") or data<-read.csv("path/to/file") etc.) documentation is part of the package and will never separate from data attributes of file remain nice and easy introduction to package building What do you need to do to create a dataset package: [Read More]