The city, neighborhoods and streets: Organizing your MLproject

reduce your mental load by using conventions

Have you received a project that someone else created and did it make you go 🤯? (Was that someone else: you from a few months back?1 ) Sometimes a project organically grows into a mess of scripts and you don’t know how to make it better. The main problem is often the project organization. I want you to think about, and organize, your project in three levels that I call city-level, neighborhood-level and street-level. [Read More]

Portioning projects

Often we write programs to automate things. The programs range from simple to complex. But in essence, you always do the same thing: You are trying to solve a problem. A common pitfall, at least for me, is that you start out to big. What you need to do is start simple and small, and only if your simple thing works, increase the complexity. Separate parts of the program need to be separate functions. [Read More]