Running an R Script on a Schedule: Heroku

Tweeting from heroku

In this tutorial I have an R script that runs every day on heroku. It creates a curve in ggplot2 and posts that picture to twitter. The use case is this: You have a script and it needs to run on a schedule (for instance every day). In 2018 I wrote a small post how to run an R script on heroku. The amazing thing is that the bot I created back then is still running! [Read More]

Running an R script on heroku

Automate alllll the things!

In this post I will show you how to run an R script on heroku every day. This is a continuation of my previous post on tweeting a death from wikidata. Update 2022: heroku is no longer offering free options. Why would I want to run a script on heroku? It is extremely simple, you don’t need to spin up a machine in the cloud on AWS, Google, Azure or Nerdalize. [Read More]