Deploy to from Github Actions

Last week I spend a few hours figuring out how to auto deploy a shiny app on 2 apps on from github. You can see the result on this github repository. This github repository is connected to two shiny apps on Here is what I envisioned, every new commit to the main branch will be published to the main app. We could then lock down the main branch so that no one can directly commit to main. [Read More]

Running an R Script on a Schedule: Gh-Actions

Tweeting from github actions

In this tutorial I have an R script that runs every day on github actions. It creates a curve in ggplot2 and posts that picture to twitter. The use case is this: You have a script and it needs to run on a schedule (for instance every day). Other ways to schedule a script I will create a new post for many of the other ways on which you can run an R script on schedule. [Read More]