Planning Meals in an Overly Complicated Way

Creating an over-engineered technical solution for a first world household issue

Cooking, for some a chore, for some absolute joy. I’m somewhere in the middle. But over the years I’ve learned that if I need to plan my meals. If I plan a week of meals in advance we can do groceries for the entire week in one go and by thinking about your meals in advance you can vary your meals for nutritional value. I used to have a very strict diet to prevent stomach aches, and planning and cooking those meals was annoying, but eating the same things is very boring. [Read More]

Introducing the 'Smoll Data Stack'

The Small, Minimal, Open, Low effort, Low power (SMOLL) datastack1, is a pun with ambitions to grow into something larger, and more educational. I wanted a cheap platform to work on improving my data engineering skills and so I re-purposed some hardware for this project. A raspberry pi 3 with ubuntu & a NAS that I’ve installed a postgres database into. What people call the ‘modern data stack’ is usually [1] a cloud data warehouse such as Snowflake, Bigquery or Redshift2 (In my opinion a data warehouse is something that holds all the data in table like format and your transformations are done with SQL). [Read More]

How I Set Up Dagster in a Company

In the past few months I setup a dagster deployment within a kubernetes cluster. This was a lot of fun because I learned a lot, but I’d like to document some of the things we did so I’ll remember them later. Dagster is a scheduler/ orchestrator or workflow manager (I’ve seen all those words but I’m not sure what the differences are). When you need to get data from one place to another, do complex data operations that need to happen in a certain order or you have many many tasks to run, you might want to use such a thing. [Read More]