How to Use Catboost with Tidymodels

Treesnip standardizes everything

So you want to compete in a kaggle competition with R and you want to use tidymodels. In this howto I show how you can use CatBoost with tidymodels. I give very terse descriptions of what the steps do, because I believe you read this post for implementation, not background on how the elements work. This tutorial is extremely similar to my previous post about using lightGBM with Tidymodels. Why tidymodels? [Read More]

How Does Catboost Deal with Factors in loading?

What are you doing catboost?

Some people at curso-r, are working on an amazing extension of parsnip and allow you to use tidymodels packages like {parsnip} and {recipes} with the modern beasts of machine learning: lightgbm and catboost. the package is called treesnip and is still in development. Both lightgbm and catboost can work with categorical features but how do you pass those to the machinery? Both lightgbm and catboost use special data structures. I was reading through the catboost documentation and it just wasn’t very clear to me. [Read More]