Running an R Script on a Schedule: Azure Functions (Serverless)

timer-trigger in Azure Functions

In this post I will show how I run an R script on a schedule, by making use of ‘serverless’ computing service on the Microsoft Cloud called Azure Functions. In short I will use a custom docker container, install required software, install required r-packages using {renv} and deploy it in the Azure cloud. I program the process in azure such that the it runs once a day without any supervision. [Read More]

Testing Azure Functions Locally with Azurite

Supplying secrets and simulating storage

I’ve been developing Azure Functions with R for the past week. There are some nice basic tutorials to run custom code on ‘Functions’, the basic tutorials all create a simple web app. That is, the docker container responds to http triggers. However, if you want to use a different trigger, you need to have a storage account too. There are two ways to do this: use the actual storage account you created on azure simulate storage with the ‘azurite’ container. [Read More]