Import Ethics as E

import pandas as pd from sklearn import linear_model import Ethics as E Ethics and fairness do not come after you’ve imported scikitlearn, but it is often talked about in that way. I mean it’s good that we’re thinking about ethics when we start using more advanced models, but I don’t agree with the point in time we start talking about it! We should think about the consequences of our automated decision makers way earlier! [Read More]

Quick post - detect and fix this ggplot2 antipattern

Recently one of my coworkers showed me a ggplot and although it is not wrong, it is also not ideal. Here is the TL:DR : Whenever you find yourself adding multiple geom_* to show different groups, reshape your data In software engineering there are things called antipatterns, ways of programming that lead you into potential trouble. This is one of them. I’m not saying it is incorrect, but it might lead you into trouble. [Read More]